Pregnancy and birth trauma

Not all pregnancies go to plan and not all women feel that childbirth is a joyous occasion. Medical complications, plans and dreams that are unable to be fulfilled, emotional and psychological problems, relationship problems or issues with medical care are only a few of the issues that can result in a woman experiencing pregnancy and/or child birth as a traumatic event. Expected feelings of joy, accomplishment and bonding with a baby may not eventuate, leaving a woman feeling angry, scared and a sense of loss – a feeling of grief. Such feelings may lead to a woman giving up on her hopes for future pregnancies or leave her resentful and unable to bond with her baby. As a woman may feel that others will judge her or not understand why she isn’t feeling happy at being a mother it can cause her to repress these feelings, this can impact her mental and emotional wellbeing. Talking about your feelings and fears can help a woman gain perspective, it can help with working through complicated emotions and help in moving forward.

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In acknowledging the importance of all pregnant women and their babies, Pregnancy Counselling and Support provides counselling, physical assistance, moral support and information to women in need, and their families, in a caring, accepting environment.

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